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Waterjet Cutting

You won’t be surprised when we tell you our company is primarily a Waterjet business, and as such we run three industry-leading Waterjet machines manufactured by the OMAX Corporation.  We use ultra high pressure waterjet cutting techniques to ensure a fast turnaround on parts.  Water is compressed up to 50,000 PSI and forced through a diamond orifice at 2,500 feet per second.

Waterjets are incredibly versatile when it comes to cutting many different products, from thicker steels including hardened tool steels, sheet metal up to 300mm thick, and the likes of titanium, copper, acrylic, plastic, wood and brass, right through to cutting foam for case inserts and ceramic tiles/stone, in fact there’s very little we can’t cut with them!  Waterjets can also be used to cut reflective materials that lasers can’t cut.

We also use Taper Compensation Heads on two of our machines which enables us to go straight to a finished product on many engineered parts.

Waterjet cutting is also a very green way of cutting as it doesn’t require any gas or heat during the cutting process, the abrasive used is naturally occurring and the only other additive is water!

Advantages of Waterjet cutting include no heat affected zones and no hardened edges, it can also cut much thicker materials than laser and plasma cutters going up to around 200mm thick.

If you have any questions feel free to call us, our three directors all have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Waterjets having all been in the industry for many years prior to starting the company.