3D CAD image of waterjet profiling

Northwest Waterjet Profiling Service

Northwest Waterjet Ltd is a waterjet profiling service provider that can cut any material up to a maximum thickness of 300mm, with a tolerance of +/- 0.1mm depending on the material. Our machines are able to provide accuracy and precision with the use of advanced software.

Our Waterjet profiling is perfect for rapid prototyping due to the fast setup and turnaround times. We provide a more cost effective way of cutting small quantities of custom products that are made from plastics, tiles, granite, rubber, mirror, carpet, marble, metals and more. Waterjet cutting has no limits when it comes to the materials to be cut.

Waterjet cutting is versatile and flexible. Materials that are too reflective for laser, such as Aluminium, Brass and Copper can be cut through waterjet cutting. Laser also can’t be used with thick materials usualy 25mm and over. There are also some industries that can’t use heat-processes, such as aerospace. Aluminium cut with waterjet produces less burr on the cut surface and doesn’t need to undergo an additional de-burring process.

Through our waterjet cutting, we can create bespoke parts and products. Our services have competitive prices. It is a good alternative to conventional machining methods. You can prevent edge hardening, fracturing, and heat distortion with waterjet profiling because the process doesn’t induce heat.

Some of the uses of our waterjet profiling service include, architectural and interior design, signage, aerospace, manufacturing, transportation and automotive, prototyping, and artistic ventures. The tool is a flexible and precise, the high-pressure jet moves with the use of the latest computer aided engineering equipment.

Our waterjet machine has a kerf width of 0.8mm with an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm. Our machine can cut intricate designs with precision, and doesn’t require finishing or filling. The materials can be stacked on top of the other in order to speed up production time. A computer will guide the paths to ensure that the designs can be replicated in every batch.

We have many years of experience in waterjet profiling, and we work closely with our clients to guarantee their 100 percent satisfaction. We understand the needs of our customers and follow their specifications to deliver a product at an affordable price. We have the knowledge and skills to cut the product on time and within the agreed budget. We are ready to manufacture the parts of your next project.

Northwest Waterjet Ltd prioritises customer service. Our dedicated employees will provide a high class service to all our clients. We maintain high level professionalism and personal attention to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services. Our machinists are experienced working with waterjet to ensure the product is done according to specifications.